From near or far, keep an eye on your containers to be warned and optimize your routes !

Optimisation tournées

Optimize your routes


Reduce your collection costs

Suivi et analyse

Track and analyze all your containers

How does it work ?


Place the sensor on a container. Mounting is quick and easy. Once installed, the sensor will detect the filling level of the container for at least 3 years.

The durability and autonomy of the sensor make it quickly forgotten !

Track and analyze

Analyze the performance of your container fleet: how long do they stay empty ? When are they busiest ?

Compare the performance of each container with the fleet as a whole. Analyze its statistics to make better decisions.

Be warned

As soon as the container is full, you will be notified by email or sms. In case of movement outside an authorized zone, an alert is sent to you.

Differentiate yourself by avoiding overflows of your waste containers by being warned in advance and optimize your routes.

A high-performance sensor

About the size of a hand, our sensor is very easy and quick to install. It is made in France and its lifetime varies between 4 and 7 years. It allows to measure the filling height of waste containers thanks to a laser.


Customer testimonials

123R Association

In order to test our solution on a new type of flow : books, to optimize the collections and to eliminate the illegal dumping, the association 123R installed sensors on about twenty boxes around Rennes.

Saumur Val de Loire Agglomération

In search of a remote reading solution, Saumur Val de Loire Agglomeration chose Heyliot to equip a dozen containers to avoid overflow and optimize the collections for the most distant points of the city.

SDEF and Eiffage Energie Systèmes

Do you know the exact path of a glass bottle ? Discover our report on glass management in Ushant! We explain everything with the Mayor of Ushant.


In order to test our solution for textile waste and to eliminate illegal dumping, we installed sensors in Poitiers in the relay bins of a young company.

Les Alchimistes

In collaboration with Urban Lab, Les Alchimistes and Heyliot have combined their solutions to manage bio-waste in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Heyliot is involved in optimising collections.


Following Urban Lab’s Quartier Innovation Urbaine experiment, sensors were installed in 10 Citeo Trilib voluntary contribution points. A report was drawn up after this very conclusive test.

Saint Malo Agglomération

In order to test our solution, we installed sensors in Saint Malo in voluntary contribution points. Following this experimentation, we were able to improve our product.


In collaboration with SULO, we launched the 1st connected and expanded composter. This solution allows, among other things, to optimize the collection and valorization of biowaste.

Latest news


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Heyliot is proud to be one of the 15 finalist startups of the Circular Urban Challenge ! This is the European competition to solve the challenges of circularity and recycling organised by the city of Logroño, ECOEMBES and TheCircularLab.

Finaliste Circular Urban Challenge
Gestion du verre

Use case : Do you know the exact path of a glass bottle ? Discover our report on glass management in Ushant! We explain everything with the Mayor of Ushant.

Heyliot is proud to be the winner in the “Smart City” category of the Datavenue Challenge 2021 organised by Orange.


Heyliot releases his first study ! We have measured the impact of the health crisis on city garbage cans, which reflect what we buy, what we use and our lifestyle !

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