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The second life of books

Do you have books lying around your home and don’t know what to do with them ? Giving them a second life is an excellent solution. By giving up your books, you save space on your shelves or in your attic and, above all, you allow other people to benefit from them at a lower cost. Donating your books is also a strong gesture for the planet when we know that nearly 200 million books are destroyed each year in France.

That’s why Heyliot invites you to discover the 123R Association. Created in January 2017 by Benjamin and Damien, 123R aims to recover various objects that you no longer use in order to give them a second life. The association collects the books, sorts them and resells them at a lower cost for people who cannot afford to buy new books. It then donates part of the sale price to associations (Festi’ Guéhenno, the APEL of Brielles school, the Association Intercommunale d’Animation Jeunesse de Saint Aubin des Landes, Les Restos du Cœur de Vitré). Unsold books are processed and recycled into paper, they will not be incinerated.

Heyliot presents the testimony of Damien and Freddy from the 123R Association

Customer project

The 123R association called on Heyliot to optimise its collections. Indeed, some trips were useless because the boxes were not filled, for ecological and economic reasons, it was necessary to adapt the collections according to the level of filling of the boxes. In addition, a sensor also makes it possible to avoid overflowing and therefore illegal deposits at the foot of the container.

Heyliot donated its sensors free of charge in order to test the compatibility with this new type of flow.

The challenges

Optimisation collectes

Knowledge of fill rate

Gain de temps

Optimising collections

Connaissance du taux de remplissage

Eliminating illegal dumping

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