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Do not hesitate to contact us for any request concerning the Heyliot solution. If you would like a quote, please indicate the number of containers to be equipped and the region of installation.



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Frequently Asked Questions

On what type of container can the sensors be installed ?

Thanks to our choice of technology and its small footprint, a sensor can be installed in any type of container regardless of its shape, size or content.

Are the sensors easy to install ?

The sensors are very easy to install. We provide with the sensor an installation and user guide. Installing a sensor usually takes no more than five minutes. Our mobile application will guide you through the installation of the sensor.

What are the delivery times for the sensors ?

The delivery times of the ordered sensors are indicated on the Order Form.

Do you have customer testimonials ?

Yes of course! You can find our customer testimonials in the “Our solution” section.

Where does the name "Heyliot" come from ?

Heyliot is a mix between “Hey” and “IoT”, which means “Hello Internet of Things”.