Heyliot and SULO : a first collaboration on biowaste management !


The project

Installation of the “Heywaste” sensor in a compost bin

SULO, a global company in the circular economy and European leader in waste management, provides concrete solutions for managing and recovering biowaste

Heyliot has met with SULO on several occasions, notably during The final of Circular Challenge 2018 but also as part of the Trilib experiment led by Citeo and Urban Lab Paris.

Paris City Hallwhich has been committed to waste reduction  for more than 10 years, wanted to install compost bins in its gardens so that it could collect food waste and divert it from conventional collection.

The two companies joined forces to offer the first solution of connected and expanded composters to optimize the collection and recovery of bio-waste.

The challenges

Measuring the impact of composting

Be alerted at the right time in order to better manage the different sites

Keeping humans first : the Master Composter

The solution

Eco-designed and sustainable furniture

Up to 4 bins can be assembled to follow the different stages of bio-waste composting: shred storage bin (fragmented wood to be mixed with the waste), bio-waste input bin, compost maturation bin, mature compost storage bin. These bins are manufactured in partnership with Abri Plus , the leading manufacturer and installer of custom-made shelters in France.

Heywaste : the connected sensor

Regularly and accurately measuring the quantity of material in the bin, this sensor uses long-range, low-power radio technology to transmit its measurements to a management platform.

Key figures of our collaboration


Installed between September 2019 and June 2020, the sensors have made it possible to collect data and monitor the quantity contained in the composter, the precise use of the device by local residents, the state of maturation of the compost and the geolocation of composting sites.

This collaboration now enables us to support local authorities in deploying sorting solutions by providing reliable digital indicators. These indicators allow us to evaluate production volumes in order to size the most appropriate solutions, making composting even more efficient.


Kg of intake



Customized reports

Heywaste is also a weekly, monthly and quarterly report which allows to follow the overflows, the balance between deposit and dry matter and to measure the demand of the deposit point through an estimation of the inputs and volumes produced.

These sources of information are essential in the management of facilities by the local authority and master composters in order to measure the impact of waste treatment actions.


Catherine GELINEAU

Catherine GELINEAU

Biowaste Market Expert, SULO

“We are proud to present this revolution in the composting era. The arrival of the IoT in the service of sorting, is a guarantee of the professionalism of the sector and an optimized management, which all the actors dreamed of. From now on, local authorities will have the means to analyze and anticipate their needs.”

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