In an era where waste collection is intensifying, it is essential to find solutions to optimize rounds and move for a container that really needs it. But how do you know if the bins are full? Heyliot offers you a solution!

What is the fill level of my container?

Waste behaviour is a reflection of human behaviour. What we consume, where and when we consume says a lot about us and what we experience. In the digital age, businesses rely on technology to keep operations running smoothly. Did you know that technology can also affect the way you dispose of your waste? Waste sensors are used to monitor the level of waste in real time. This gives you direct access to the filling status of your container.

Why is this useful? You may not know it, but this information can save you time and money! Indeed, at the moment waste collections are becoming more and more numerous, but sometimes they could be optimized!

Empty bin collection: costs that could be avoided!

The waste management sector has a specific way of operating: contracts are drawn up for waste collection in a defined geographic area. Under this contract, a fee is agreed for emptying a bin according to a schedule. The price includes, in particular, vehicle operating costs, fuel, personnel, time, and waste disposal costs over the entire geography specified by the customer. Once the contract is signed, the bins will be collected on the agreed basis, whether empty or full.

However, additional charges for the weight of a bin above a certain level are sometimes unavoidable. Collectors have to collect the waste next door, which takes them more time than expected. Conversely, traveling long distances to collect a number of empty bins may result in higher costs than the waste management provider anticipated.

It is now possible to make the rounds more efficient. Accurate, real-time data collection can help you collect only the bins that need them on an optimized route for each collection day. With a simple text message, be notified when your container is full. What are you waiting for to make your collections profitable? No more expensive and useless trips!